Hello, I am Sara.
An Ofsted Registered childminder in Worthing

About me

My name is Sara, and I am a registered childminder in the Worthing area.

I am a mum of three sons, Adam, Thom and Sam. My youngest son is a student and still lives at home, while the older two are both pursuing teaching careers.

I began my childminding career in 2003, but have been involved in childcare in some shape or form since 1991 - firstly with my own children, then helping out my sister by caring for my two nieces for several years from 1998.

My youngest son was born in 2000, and after my younger niece started full time nursery, I worked briefly in a preschool setting during 2002/3 before deciding to childmind full time and I registered in 2003.

My nephew was my first official mindee when I started, and I have been minding ever since.



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